Welcoming Ellie de Grace – our new Biewer Terrier

Ellie de Grace - our Biewer Terrier


This week I had the opportunity to visit the Heydt’s to get a few photos. Debbie was a little surprised. She usually has the pups all ‘purtied up’ for photos. But it seems Pastor Ed forgot to tell her we had scheduled the date. But no matter!

What a delight it was to meet Ellie de Grace.

Their beautiful Biewer Terrier arrived and is absolutely adorable. I thoroughly enjoyed her antics.

I must admit taking photos was a bit of a challenge. Talk about energy! The Havanese and Biewer Terriers are all so loveable that quite often I wished I’d had more than two hands to pet them.

Here is Ellie de Grace playing with a chew toy. Yes – it is a bit blurry because she rolled and tossed and ran and rolled some more. I chuckle at how hard I tried to snap a photo of her. She is like a little teacup of inquisitive!

The Havanese and Biewer Terriers get along beautifully. They are all so loveable. Check back for more updates.


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