2022 Biewer Terrier Puppies

Biewer Puppies from January 2022


A beautiful littler of Biewer Terriers – 3 boys and a girl – turn 3 weeks old Monday – Jan 10, 2022, at Havs de Grace in Havre de Grace, MD.

4 Cuddly Biewer Terrier Pups

These cuddly pups are just 3 weeks old on January 10, 2022! Three boys and a little girl are resting after a busy day of just growing! This breed is a loyal and dedicated family member and is friendly with strangers. They will bark to announce company but are not constant barkers. They’ve lots of energy and enjoy carrying a toy or two in their mouth!

This litter is 3 little boys and a girl. Give Deb a call or phone message if you’re interested. 410-459-8162

They’ll be looking to join their Forever Families at about 12 weeks old.


Zephyr a Biewer Terrier – completed the AKC Championship Certificate. Just one more example of the excellent breeding, care, training, and love given to each of the dogs at Havs de Grace!


CALL DEBBIE DIRECTLY 410-459-8162 for information or to schedule a visit.